Neville Brody - star typographyer

How do the contribution of Neville Brody affect the study of typography?
Known for his anti-traditional views, Neville Brody was an English designer that encouraged the evolution of conventional typefaces to abandon the ridged structure of legibility. Brody quickly fell into the public eye in the 1980’s with his record cover designs. In the beginning he was his unique innovative use of architectural and visual elements set him apart from other designers.  His work for The Face magazine revealed his creative innovations in graphic design and “established his reputation as one of the worlds leading graphic designers” (FontShop, 2010).

It was his creative vision used in, The Face magazine, that shifted the way typography was viewed by society. Neville Brody paved the way and changed the look of traditional design with his radical concepts of how typography was incorporated into the design. Many magazines and advertisements quickly adopted and applied this innovative design concept. He continued search for new innovation in type, which led him to begin designing and developing his own typefaces.

Today Neville Brody has focused his attention on “electronic communication design” (FontShop, 2010). With his many advances and contributions to design and typography, Brody has earned that title, “star typographer”. He designed many well-known fonts like: “Arcadia, Industria, Insignia, FF Blur, FF Pop, FF Gothic, and FF Harlem” (Identifont, 2010).
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