Ok, I admit it. I am a Graphic Designer. It all started for me back at Ashland High School. I took all the art classes I could get my hands on. Then when I ran out, I asked the teachers to let me do independent study. I was an AP art student without any restrictions.

After highschool, I never really thought this art thing would work out for me. But then I learned of the world of Graphic Communication and attended a year at a traditional university to in my efforts to continue my education. University life was fine, but all the other classes seemed to get in the way of my passion, dream and focus.

With some basic classes under my belt I snatched up an Associates Degree from The Art Institute of Pittsburgh in about a year and a half. Armed with a Graphic Design degree I set off to conquer the world. Six short years later I found my self in a world of disappointment. HARSH TRUTH TO ALL DESIGNERS. – AN ASSOCIATES DEGREE IN GRAPHIC DESIGN CREATES A VERY DIFFICULT GLASS CEILING THAT IS NEARLY IMPOSSIBLE TO BREAK.
My impressive positions, Art Director, Lead Graphic Designer, Marketing Coordinator, and Freelancer, never moved me forward. My degree held me back. I decided to fix this issue, and attended The Art Institute of Pittsburgh – Online Division. And fast tracked my Bachelors degree in roughly 2.5 years.

With several impressive titles, 2 graphic design degrees, several internships and more pieces for my portfolio than I could ever need I have found that I will never be finished educating myself in the world of design.

This Graphic Design blog reflects my findings and the evolution of my concepts, trends, and understanding in the field of Graphic Design. Many of my posts will be conceptual discoveries I have made either though continually evaluating design or in pursuit to gain more understanding. I hope my insights will help others in their pursuit of this field of Visual Communication. I especially hope that this blog inspires and gives understanding other students from AIO as well as other fine Art Programs. Please feel free to use my collection of information, but please remember to cite your sources.

Thanks for checking out my blog.