Photography - Break Time

Break Time:

Photography - Self Portrait

Self Portrait:

Photography - Thirst

Take a photograph that shows the emotion.


Logo Design Project - Cyberknot.com

Find a company that you have significant convictions against and create a logo for that type of company. Create 3 logos Symbolic, Descriptive and Typographic. Post 5 digital concept thumbs of each and a refined final.


I chose to create a mail order bride company. The company name is CyberKnot.

1. Companies Researched:
- Hot Russian Brides
-International Cupid
-Heavenly Hearts

2. I plan on experimenting different symbols relating to marriage, knots, and the internet. As the company is named CyberKnot, I see experimenting with ring elements, bridal elements, Different forms of knots, heart elements and mainly using red black and white.

Personal Beliefs:
What’s not to like about mail order bride companies… PLENTY! Beyond the element of risk for both parties, the probable language barrier, and most definite culture shock for the bride, there is a huge danger to brides when they are lack knowledge of domestic law. There as been reports of violence and abuse on brides and due to their ignorance they don’t know to do anything about it. On the other hand, there is great risk to the man making this investment as well. Obviously there is risk in his new wife running off with his money never to be seen again, but there are even some cases reported when a new groom has been found dead. There are obviously other motives with becoming a permit resident of the US as well. In the end there are some mail order bride relationships that turn out ok, But to me the whole idea seems based on money, lust, and objectives.

Thumbnail Concepts:

Final Logos:

Package Design - Letterform Only

Choose a type of product and develop a brand and package using only letter form.

Project Overview:

I choose to design condom packaging. I will design the actual condom package and the cardboard product container. I plan to use the name “urge” for the name of the company that produces this line of condom, which is called “Xtreme”. The letter “X” will be the dominating design factor. I experiment with cropping the “X” out of the design space as well as using small “X’s” to create a design pattern.

Some of the theory behind the package design: In my research I found that most packaging for condoms is pretty simple. The majority of brands sold in drug stores utilize the type for design. Internet distributors offered greater variety of product and brand.

I also found that many people are too embarrassed to purchase condoms and some feel ashamed while browsing the selection offered. I even found in my research there is quite a debate about who is responsible to go out and buy the product. My plan with this design is to make the product stand out from the rest by using high contrast color, large typeface, and excellent use of text in the design.

I appreciate any insight on the direction of the design. I like most of them, but with this class being advanced typography I would probably lean toward the two in the middle, the 3-D looking one, and the one directly above with the red and white “X’s” at the angle.


Digital Roughs:



Package Design - DVD Text only - Seven

Find a DVD and redesign the cover using only type. The final should be front, back and spine, as well as, insert front and back and the DVD.

Post: Thumbnail, Digital Rough, Final.

DVD: Seven -
I used a large #7 to span the entire space with a gritty font called CGF OFF-ROAD. I then used the seven sins, which is the theme of the movie, in the number in a subtle color/shade. I used repetition of these seven sins. I then picked random spots to change the color of the listings to a bright red. This is in keeping with the theme of the movie as well as the murders are at random. I used the font Last Sound Track for the Sins and the Title, which I made large and red. I also exchanged the V in seven for a #7. Finally I applied a quote and the featured actors in a Palatino font. On the original movie they used hash marks, which I thought I would keep in my design which are done in the Megiapaoid font. I plan on adding more color and completing the back spine, inside piece front and back as well as the DVD to complete this project.


Digital Rough

Re-Forming the Message - 2nd Amendment

Objective: Choose a significant historical document and reformat the design to make a better visual impact.

I mostly used IMPACT as I wanted the font to really be bold. I also used Arial narrow in some area that I didn’t have much space. I also used Wide Latin for the big bold look of the number 2 to resemble the gun. I also used Arial Black across the top and used a 3-d effect to same me some time and simulate the top ridge.

I think it’s a pretty creative use of type for this paticular document
View source document here:

Online lecture
Typographic Design: Form and Communication

Package Design - Continuous Label Cylinder

Create a company and product label that will use a cylinder shaped container.  It may not contain any die cuts or windows. The label must be continual and not appear to have a front or back. 

Show a thumbnail, sketch rough, 3 digital revisions, and final product photo.

Product overview:

The product is spaghetti pasta. The product is currently known for it’s packaging in boxes and bags. The product is produced in long, thin brittle pieces. I would like to packaging to appeal to individuals looking for a spaghetti pasta product for Italian. The packaging will appeal to those looking to use portions of the product; therefore the packaging also serves a purpose of storage. Target group is men and women 18- 40 with a small family or individuals living alone.

The brand name is Segreti. I thought using an Italian family name would work well for this Authentic Italian Pasta Product. I have researched Italian looking fonts and found that they lend more to a script look. At the same time some applications use a think san serif font. The logo is repeated on the container to make it appear there is not a front or back. The size of the label is 7” X 10 5/8” with a ¼” on the top and bottom and a ½” flap.

Rough Sketch

Digital 1

Digital 2


Final Prototype


Digial Printing - Going Gray Illustraitor CS 4

Ok Ok, I know better but I figured since I was just printing at Office Max on their digital printer I would set up my Adobe Illustrator CS4 file as RGB. But when they guy went to print it came out as gray scale? We were both stumped. I said well it is RGB, and he and i agreed it shouldn't really effect it since it was digital and it switches it on the fly. But once the fly was switched to CMYK the color came out in the print.

Another interesting thing that I found with this little experiment. It seemed like when I tried to create a PDF from the printer when the file was in RGB it would export in grayscale? I had never heard of this before.


Package Design - Reflecting the product

Cracked edges, rough and distressed borders, woodcuts and the like add hand-hewn looked that is so often associated with crunch. Images of whole grains, if applicable, are also seen woven into background patterns and typography to support naturally crunchy products, like cereals.

Response: Crunch graphics work best when balanced with some smooth clean lines.Too much of a crunchy thing can be overbearing, not to mention, unappetizing.

Source From: http://www.rbird.com/movabletype/patterns/archives/package-design-for-crunch.php

Crunch Graphics:
Using the edges and borders to push the “crunch” is a great concept. Not only is the word crunch there, but also it is rocking the environment it is placed in. Pushing the packaging to experience the effect of the product is a great way to express to the costumer how the experience of the product will be. In this case it reminds me more of being creative and mindful with the entire package design. In this case crunch is what is being pushed making the entire package reflect the “crunch” of the product. The same principle would be true if the product was chewy, creamy, bubbly or fizzy..You see this concept applied a lot with bubbles. I think the sub point is important though you can have too much crunch. Balance is always key.
Adding keeping these elements of texture is very important when designing packaging for anything, and especially candy bars. We see crunch graphics applied to some candy bar packaging.

Package Design Use of White

Several brands use a clean white field to provide contrast and let the product image communicate crunch more effectively. This unadorned presentation keeps the focus on the grain, texture and nuances of the product.

Response: While presentation on white is an effective way to put focus on texture and grain, it also is a common technique among organic, or natural foods. Words like “clean”, “crisp” and “snappy” come to mind for packages using this technique.

The section about “White” was interesting to me. It seems like this is a newer movement for quality brands in my opinion. It seems like years ago the generic product would use white for packaging with very plain simple text looking very generic I guess at that time it was an affordable design choice. Today it seems like this movement has shifted to quality products and brands as well. These products using a lot of white seems to be a better quality as the brand speaks for itself and the noise of the packaging is not needed for attention. The products seem to be focused more toward the health conscious apposed to those looking for a sweet snack containing red 40.
A great example of this is with Kashi products.
The texture of the product is defiantly highlighted. The logo and branding are also easy to spot. At the same time you also see generics going with this look too. Wal Mart for example has recently switched to this look too.
With candy bars there are a few that may use this strategy. Payday is one that comes to mind.
sing the white background to contrast the crunchy nuts. I have also seen this a little with Hershey’s Cookie ‘n’ Cream
In general most candy bars use white to show white chocolate. But theses are some great ways where it was used to show crunch.

Package Design Windows


Sometimes, gorgeous illustrations or photography can lead to a let down for consumers who demand truth in advertising for the products they purchase. An honest, what you see is what you get, approach could be well worth it for good looking products. Clear windows allow consumers to see the actual product.

Response: Window shapes can be further enhanced with rough edges or irregular shapes to help support the crunchy look.

From: http://www.rbird.com/movabletype/patterns/archives/package-design-for-crunch.php

I think the section about windows is very true. Something to really be mindful of in packaging design is customers want to see the product. This is especially true with bread products. People want to see the bread and texture. You can spot mold, quickly and in this example most like to squeeze and inspect the product for freshness. At the same time, if the product is not so pretty, or not as quality as its competitors, a window could turn off customers. It is important to know what the competitors are doing. If a product has out standing quality compared to its competitors it would be a great way to show the customer the great product. A window may not be quite as effective in products like cereals or fruit snacks. Using a photo or illustration may be a better way to display the product as it is easier to control for consistency and push graphically for excitement. Also controlling the location of the window is key. You wouldn’t want to put a window at the bottom of a chip bag and reveal all the broken chips at the bottom. This type of research is very helpful in any type of packaging design. The candy wrapper applies as well. I am thinking specifically of molded candy where the item has been molded to a specific shape. Valentines Day hearts, Easter bunnies, Christmas trees and the like are great examples of candy bars using a window. Revealing the product can really assure the customer the product is exactly what they are looking for.

Research in Packge Design for Crunch

A great site with information to enchance package design. This site explores the packaging of the following products:

Brands referenced include: Back to Nature, Ben & Jerry, Blue Bunny, Butterfinger Crisp, Cap'n Crunch, Caribou Coffee, Cary's, Cascadian Farm, Cheese Nips, Cheetos, Cocoa Pebbles, Crisp'itz, Crispy Delites, Doritos, Food Should Taste Good, Frito Lay, Garden of Eatin, General Mills, Giga Hold, Goldfish, Good Humor, grape-nuts, Gripz, Healthy Delite, Heart Basics, Hershey, Kashi, Keebler, Kellogg's, Kit Kat, Krackel, Kraft, Krispy Kreme, Lunchables, Madhouse Munchies, Masterfoods, McCormick, Nabisco, Nature's Path, Nestle Crunch, New York Style, Old El Paso, Optimum Zen, Oscar Mayer, Pepperidge Farm, Post, Quaker, Rice Krispies, Salad Toppins, Snickers Cruncher, Stop & Shop, Sun Snacks, Tiny Trapeze, TLC, Wheat Thins, Whole Foods, Wise, YoCrunch.

Comments are made about the following:
Background Texture
Product Illustration
Brand Characters
Hard Things in Soft Things
Not Quite Crunchy
Crunch Masters
Crunch Graphics
Crispy vs. Crunchy

Check it out:


Milky Way Candy Bar Wraper Project

For this assignment I chose to work with Milky Way. At first I only had one concept but then with the thumbnail process I was able to come up with some creative ideas.

Some Thumbnails:

I went with Thumb 7: Milky Way Map:
I made some adjustments from the original thumb. I like this concept cause it is somewhat educational having a map of the Milky Way and that it is very different from the original.

Promotional Strategy - S&S Smoothie

Point of purchase flyer with instant savings coupon.
Flyer explaining why S&S smoothing is the best way to start the day and a
coupon incentive to purchase more products.
MESSAGE: “Start your day the Smooth way!” -- Encouraging customers to
choose an S&S Smoothie for breakfast, for its quick convenience and health
IMAGERY: Brightly colored smoothies, with a nice garnish. Bright and refreshing.
The S&S Smoothie logo.
Mostly white. The color from the red smoothie in the photo will be added to the
word smooth and a lighter shade to the copy below the word “way” in the white
space. The other copy and text will be black.
Similar fonts used in other promotions. Keeping the large copy sections in a
small clean san serif font (Gill Sans,) The head line font would also be a clean
san serif font, but the word “Smooth” would be more organic. Possibly Fruitopia font.
Very small copyright info on the bottom right. ( Coupon offer on back of flyer will
use a bold font for the offer. And clean small san serif (gill sans) for the fine print.
The photo will be also included in the coupon with the headline.
Large Refreshing smoothies on the lower left. The headline is strong and read
straight across until it gets to the word “smooth” which wraps around the kiwi and
the word “way” follows and reads vertically. The logo is placed on the lower right.
Small group copy placed below the “way” in the white space above the logo.
Coupon offer is placed on the back.

Heal & Seal - Package Design

Project Brief:  Heal & Seal

Enter the product name and provide a brief description if necessary
HEAL & SEAL- soap designed for cleaning, healing and preserving tattooed skin.
The problem statement briefly presents a situation that needs to be solved.
Many people get tattoos and part of tattoo care is proper cleaning. People need a product that will clean, sooth, and heal their tattoo as well as, retain color and brightness of the ink.
The objective presents a solution to the communication problem.
Promote a cleaning, healing, protective soap for people that get and have tattoos, that will aid in quicker healing, relieve discomfort, and enhance the ink for longer lasting clarity and color.
Antibacterial, Antimicrobial, Anagelsic.
Target Market:
This section briefly describes specific relevant information about the audience.
Demographics: Men and women ages’ 18-25, living in urban areas, that have, or are getting tattoos.
Psychographics: Individuals concerned with long lasting quality detail, and color. Interested in the music and concert scene. Artistic, edgy, dark and provocative.

This might be a slogan or a one-word description of the “personality” of the communication. It could be as simple as “fun” or “romantic.” The fewer words used to describe the message, the better
 “Making Your Marks Last”

Media Plan:
This quickly describes the type of media that you will use.
1.Internet: Website containing videos, information, discounts, free samples, and purchase options and banner ads,

2. Consumer Magazine: A full-page color advertisement in Prick  Magazine, with ad containing product, details, and web address. Run the Ad for 12 months

3. Outdoor: Billboard or transit ad located an urban area near a tattoo shop that carries the product. Billboard would be bold and simplified keeping the branding and look of the magazine ad and  internet advertising
Product Label:

Applied to Container:

Outdoor Advertising:
Magazine Ad:


Graphic Design Websites

Web resources to stay on top of trends and continue learning:


This is the home site of the monthly magazine “Graphic Design.” Published by Kaye Publishing for over forty years, this magazine and the corresponding Web site provide tons of information on the latest news, trends, and people in the design world.


Communication Arts Magazine has long been considered the premiere publication of the world of advertising and graphic design. Articles on the industry as well as several showcases of the best work from all over the world make this magazine a must on any designer’s shelf. The corresponding Web site has valuable online information and links to award-winning Web sites and interactive media sites.


Pantone is the leading manufacturer of color systems throughout the world. Their Web site provides valuable information on color and color trends as well as tips on designing with color. Use the “search” function to search for “trends” to find articles and links to information on color.


Adobe is the leading developer and distributor of software for the visual communication industry. Their Web site is a storehouse of valuable information on how to use their software as well as information on trends. Use the “search” function to search for trends. Most of the links will connect you to Adobe’s press room where you will find articles on fonts, color, graphics and much more. Adobe allows you to sign up for regular email updates on the latest news.


This site, mentioned earlier, provides the latest information on everything from new marketing techniques to consumer needs and desires. Search for documents within the site using the Google search engine.


Creativepro.com has the latest news on trends, fonts, graphics, print, stock photos, systems and hardware. Web and business graphics are also included on this information rich site. Links to each are on the homepage making it easy to find the information you want quickly.


PostScript, RIP, PREFLIGHT, Stochatic Screening

A programming language created by Adobe to optimize printing of text and graphics on film or paper. The language allows for multiple complex pages with text and graphics with over 300 commands for lines, shapes, fills, text and formatting. The language is a completely text explanation of the page

Raster Image Processor. A program or device used to analyze text, raster and vector images and generate each pixel or bit of memory, which in turn creates a large bitmap interpretation to be printed. The RIP creates halftones for all the photographs, and converts vector graphics to raster, which is assigned to bits to contain the image. The fonts are also ran through a process which formats the letterforms to vector art which is then converted to raster as well.

Preflight aids in making sure a document is setup correctly before sending it to print. It involves analyzing the graphics, colors, fonts, gradients, fills, trapping, and more. Many printers provide their own preflight sects their printing presses. Many times bleeds and crop marks very from printer to printer. Failure to flight checks a project before sending it to print could result in many problems. Preflight can save a lot of time, aggravation and money.

Stochastic Screening:
Stochastic Screening is a type of screening used in PostScript image setting. Its major advantage over conventional halftone screening is that it has eliminated the issues with moiré, and screen angles by using dots that are the same size with no fixed grid. The process is very similar to pointillism used in pen and ink drawing or painting. Stochastic, or FM screening has shown to provide better quality with its finer type and lines. It also has improved the look of images with crisp detail clarity.

While it does hoave its high points FM screening does have some problems. It has a high learning curve. Since there is a high dot gain the images turn out much darker. Many adjustments are necessary to get quality results. Skin tones have also been difficult to make even.

Frank J, Romano. Pocket Guide to Digital Prepress. Clifton Park, NY: Delmar, Cengage Learning, 1996.
Foundations of Electronic Production G322 UG . Week Six Online Lecture : 5 2010

Offset Printing

Topic:Offset printing, often called planographic printing, prints from a flat surface with image and non-image areas on the same surface. In addition, unlike the other printing methods that print from wrong-reading plates, the offset plate contains a right-reading image. Discuss how printing can be done from a flat surface and why offset printing prints from a right-reading plate.

Offset Printing uses a cylinder or roller that has been wrapped with a plate of the image that is going to be reproduced. In this example the plate would a right reading image. Ink is applied to the plate with inking rollers. Water is used to create negative areas where because the oil based ink will not stick. This plate cylinder comes in contact with another cylinder, which is known as a rubber blanket. The ink is transferred from the plate to the rubber blanket and then holds the image as wrong reading. A third cylinder, the impression cylinder, then comes in contact with the rubber blanket with the paper placed between these two cylinders. The ink on the rubber blanket is then transferred to the paper being fed between the rubber blanket and the impression cylinder and produces a right reading image on the paper.

Foundations of Electronic Production G322 UG . Week Six Online Lecture : Making a Printing Plate 5 2010

Frank J, Romano. Pocket Guide to Digital Prepress. Clifton Park, NY: Delmar, Cengage Learning, 1996.


TIFF file format- Tagged Image File Format

Tagged Image File Format or TIFF is used for raster images. A TIFF formatted file does not support vector data. It is a flexible platform that supports high quality graphics and works very well in many different applications and environments. They are the best format choice for printed images.

Some advantages of using TIFF format are that it retains the image layers, transparency in the alpha channels, and other Photoshop features and tools while retaining quality. A JPEG format for example will flatten an image, as well as, “lose quality every time they are opened, edited and saved” (Chastain, 2010). With all the great things a TIFF format provides there is one draw “small” draw back. All the data saved takes space. This causes the TIFF files to be pretty large.

Works Cited
Chastain, Sue. "JPEG Myths and Facts." About.com Guide. Web. 4 May 2010. .

Frank J, Romano. Pocket Guide to Digital Prepress. Clifton Park, NY: Delmar, Cengage Learning, 1996.

Scanning Tips

Great Scanning Tips From


10 Rules for More Effective Advertising

10 Rules for More Effective Advertising:
1. Does the ad tell a simple story, not just convey information?
2. Does the ad make the desired call to action a part of the story?
3. Does the ad use basic emotional appeals?
4. Does the ad use easy arguments?
5. Does the ad show, and not tell?
6. Does the ad use symbolic language and images that relate to the senses?
7. Does the ad match what viewers see with what they hear?
8. Does the ad stay with a scene long enough for impact?
9. Does the ad let powerful video speak for itself?
10. Does the ad use identifiable music?