Know Your Software - Efficient Design

Understanding how to use software: In today's technical society software is an essential tool of our trade. Understanding the capabilities of software and the advantages of one over the other and the  techniques used in the professional world, will maximize the power of software tools. Have an expert understanding of how essential software will enable you to faster and more efficiently execute concepts.

Media Variety - Graphic Communication

Working with a variety of media: Experienced graphic designers utilize an array of vehicles communicate concepts. A variety of vehicles and formats, AKA, corporate identity, web design, publication design, advertising, collateral materials, presentation materials, and much offers unique advantages over a single media source. Knowledge and experience in a variety of formats is essential in effective communication.

Conceptualizing: Graphic Communication

Conceptualizing:  Graphic design is a solution to business-communication problems. Designers are often given the responsibility of creating or building a company’s vision into a tangible, visual, written form.  The end result must clearly and appropriately communicate to a targeted audience.  Key to success is a grounded understanding the company, their competition, and their audience.