Marketing Campaign Sample For ACOHS

ACOHS promotional marketing campaign for the 9th Street Dental Center, created to reinforce the current second grade Sealant program.

The Campaign Includes Samples of the Following:
   Design Brief, Letterhead & Envelope, Direct Mailer, Website, SWAG, Black & White Newspaper Ad.

Client: Ashland County Oral Health Services (ACOHS)

Job Description: Design several pieces that reinforce the direct mailer for ACOHS. The campaign will target children and encourage them to establish good dental habits. The offers will encourages
parents to make a dental home for their child/family with regular check-ups and appointments.
Objective: The campaign is directed to children, but will have incentives for parents as well.

Target: The tone of the pieces needs to be fun and child like.

Intended Results: The design is to motivate children to establish healthy dental habits, and parents to
see the value of a dental home.

Content: The content needs to be appealing to children. A type of chart to track brushing and
flossing habits, A coupon offer. Some instruction. Contact information.

YES Campaign for CWC

 YES Campaign
 Outdoor Advertising
 Adobe Illustrator
 2011 - Internship Project

Project included creating a grid for the design space and applying branding elements for large outdoor advertising. The design space suggested was 4x4 design panels. I chose to go slightly larger and make the graphic more dynamic. The final size of the piece is roughly 35’x16.5’. The piece was produced on a large format plotter on 50/50 adhesive paper with outdoor ink.

Childrens Story

The concept here is to create a short children's story to introduce yourself.