Illustrator Tip. - Creating Dotted Lines in Illustrator

Making dotted lines in illustrator is a little bit of a trick. At first most users would say, "O that's easy!" and then get stumped as they can't find the brush they were thinking of, or the strokes pallet just is not giving them the options they were hoping for to make dots instead of dashes.

But really that is exactly where it is done.

Go to the strokes pallet.
The key is to use:
dash set to 0pt
gap set to 8 pt.

Hope this helps.
 a special thanks to Tony Soh


Choosing 3D Rendering Software?

Choosing 3D Rendering Software?

Software Level OS Price Notes Details
Maya Pro. PC $3,495.00 Full Blown Production Film Quality Alias's Maya 3D is extremely powerful.  Its node-based
architecture enables complex animation and rendering linkages to be created
and it offers a nonlinear modeling history, plus Mental Ray rendering.
Strata 3D Mid. MAC/PC $700.00 Have experience building tradeshow Displays In this,
Use it at work. Similar to Photoshop
Strata's Strata 3D has a long history and is available for
Mac and PC.  It's a sturdy if slightly archaic 3D program, but it has
found favor with many digital illustrators.  It has some good rendering
features, including radiosity, which are rare at the price. www.strata3d.com
Bryce 3D Mid. MAC/PC $99.95 For Landscapes and Environment Corel's
Bryce 3D is an interesting 3D program.  It's primarily a landscape
rendering application, designed to produce skies, seas, and terrains in a
very efficient way.  It can be pressed into service as a more general
purpose 3D tool, but lacks any serious modeling tools. 
Pixels Mid. MAC $49.00 Great for animation and video games Pixels is a Mac-only 3D program
that offers advanced rendering and animation and robust modeling for a modest
cost.  It also features a renderer based on the REYES algorithm-the same
one used in Pixar's RenderMan software.
Blender Mid. MAC/PC FREE Considered one of the best with full 3D production
One of
the best free 3D applications available is Blender. This program is a full
featured 3D production package featuring the kinds of tools you'd expect to
see in a mid to high end application. 
Lightwave 3D Pro. MAC/PC $895.00 Great tools Newtek's Lightwave 3D is a dual application featuring separate modeler/texturing and
animation/lighting/rendering apps. Its quirky interface is deceptively
powerful, and it offers one of the best quality renderers out there.
Cinema 4D Pro. MAC/PC $2,771.00 Full Blown Production Film Quality The full suite of plug-ins for Cinema
takes it into the high end.  With advanced
radiosity rendering, sophisticated character tools, and a GUI based
expression system, it's also one of the easiest high-end 3D apps to get to
grips with.
Poser Pro Beg. MAC/PC $499.99 Character Development It's a 3D character renderer and animator that lets
you pose and animate ready-made, high quality 3D figures.  It's very
powerful, but it's not an all rounder- it does one thing only-but does it
very well.

3D Rendering Software

  1. Which applications animators use to render 3D images?

    Maya, Strata 3D, Bryce 3D, Pixels Pro, Blender, Lightwave 3D, Cinema 4D, Poser Pro, Houdini, Softimage XSI.

  2. How do 3D applications apply to still graphics as well as animation? 

    3D applications use still graphics at sources to composite and develop complex 3D imagery.

  3. Uses of 3D animations—do they enhance Web sites? Inform an audience? Sell a product? Entertain?

    3D animations are used in a wide variety of forms. Many think that 3D animation only is really used in the entertainment industry in video games and movies. The truth is that 3D animations are use everywhere in our society. From simple small apps and functions on a cell phone, to complex technical animations for demonstrations and instructional purposes 3D animation has become a part of everyday life.
  4. Why animators choose to render 3D animations rather than 2D animations?

    3D animation creates and the ability to reveal more dimension and detail in an image. Moving an image from a flat surface to revealing more volume allows the viewer to see and understand more data and detail than compared to what a 2D image introduces. For example in a 3D environment the viewer has a better sense of scale, proximity, and in many instances can view the impossible like in wire frame or cutaways.

  5. Which individuals and industries are using 3D graphics—either still images or animations? What are the characteristics of those 3D graphics currently in use by these individuals/industries?

    The entertainment industry is all about using advanced technology to push the industry further into reality. With 3D graphics and animation both the film industry and gaming industry have exploded with realistic detail. Video games are no longer just for the kids, but remain a high point in the day for many adults. I have even heard of elderly people in their 80’s getting in on the action. One couple I heard about uses a Wii system to play golf every night after dinner. They are too old to go out to the course, but love the game. They tee off every night at 7pm are able to play on courses around the world.

    Beyond entertainment, the medical field is able to explain and show so much more to students and patients about what is happening in the body with both 3d graphics and animation.

    Actually, as technology has greatly advanced and software is more available we see it popping up all over. From cell phones to flight simulators 3D graphics and animation are becoming away of life.


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Marketing Campaign Sample For ACOHS

ACOHS promotional marketing campaign for the 9th Street Dental Center, created to reinforce the current second grade Sealant program.

The Campaign Includes Samples of the Following:
   Design Brief, Letterhead & Envelope, Direct Mailer, Website, SWAG, Black & White Newspaper Ad.

Client: Ashland County Oral Health Services (ACOHS)

Job Description: Design several pieces that reinforce the direct mailer for ACOHS. The campaign will target children and encourage them to establish good dental habits. The offers will encourages
parents to make a dental home for their child/family with regular check-ups and appointments.
Objective: The campaign is directed to children, but will have incentives for parents as well.

Target: The tone of the pieces needs to be fun and child like.

Intended Results: The design is to motivate children to establish healthy dental habits, and parents to
see the value of a dental home.

Content: The content needs to be appealing to children. A type of chart to track brushing and
flossing habits, A coupon offer. Some instruction. Contact information.

YES Campaign for CWC

 YES Campaign
 Outdoor Advertising
 Adobe Illustrator
 2011 - Internship Project

Project included creating a grid for the design space and applying branding elements for large outdoor advertising. The design space suggested was 4x4 design panels. I chose to go slightly larger and make the graphic more dynamic. The final size of the piece is roughly 35’x16.5’. The piece was produced on a large format plotter on 50/50 adhesive paper with outdoor ink.

Childrens Story

The concept here is to create a short children's story to introduce yourself.