Team Mission Statement

QUESTION? What is the importance of a mission statement for a team?

A mission statement helps a team keep on track with the objective and direction of the task. One of the many functions of a mission statement is to identify a direction and goal for the team to work towards. It will help define and prioritize how and what the team does, as well as, how resources are used. It reveals the identity, standards and core function of the team’s aspirations. In the most simple of terms, it organizes the group to be more productive by getting everyone one the same page.

Without a mission statement a team could easily get off task and waste time floundering instead of making steps to accomplish and expedite the goal. A team lacking a mission statement might trying to accomplish the same goal, as a team with a mission statement, but will waste time, energy and resources. Without a sound direction the team also may be come frustrated, conflicted and even hostile toward each other. The end result the team produces will also probably not be as clear and effective as a group with a mission statement.

A mission statement helps turn a team into a well-oiled machine, as it spells out the values and objectives. With the values and goals defined direction is quite clear, therefore, eliminating some opportunities for conflict.

AIO Lecture Week 1