Architecture -Federal Style

Imagine you are a colonist in early America, what architectural features would be important to you in building a house? A place of worship? Community buildings? Discuss your observations and be sure to integrate several historic and architectural examples into your response.

Depending on my social and financial status I would aim for the features included in the Federal style of architecture. I would hope to find myself in the more wealthy part of the culture. I would think extra room, layout and function of the home provides more options for the family and community. It also have great visual appeal in its use of balance and symmetry.

My home would include two chimneys on either end. This would be more efficient in heating the home as well as, be more visually appealing creating balance and symmetry. This feature would also allow for a fireplace in each room, which would be an added luxury.

(Historic Buildings of Connecticut, 2011)

My home would also have the traditional federal home windows. With six by sixdouble hung windows stacked on the first and second floors, my rooms would be full of light. The exterior of the home would be enhanced with the symmetrical decoration of the windows adding character to all exterior walls.

(Rural Intelligence | Style: House - Two House Tours with a Focus on History, 2010)

To showcase the exterior of the home I would have grand entry. A beautiful front door surrounded by windows and carpentered moldings. A fanlight window would crown the door in its splendor. The door would be the focal point of the surrounding structure.

(What Is a Fanlight - Architecture Glossary, 2011)

The interior of the home would feature a long grand hallway that would run the length of the home. There would be equal rooms on either side of the hallway that would creating areas for private gathering. These rooms could be used for small religious gatherings or other community issues or personal time of reflection, reading or recreation. The interior rooms and hall would also have delicate detail in the moldings, and other influences from roman architecture.

(Coleman-Hollister House, 2011)
(Coleman-Hollister House, 2011)

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