3D Rendering Software

  1. Which applications animators use to render 3D images?

    Maya, Strata 3D, Bryce 3D, Pixels Pro, Blender, Lightwave 3D, Cinema 4D, Poser Pro, Houdini, Softimage XSI.

  2. How do 3D applications apply to still graphics as well as animation? 

    3D applications use still graphics at sources to composite and develop complex 3D imagery.

  3. Uses of 3D animations—do they enhance Web sites? Inform an audience? Sell a product? Entertain?

    3D animations are used in a wide variety of forms. Many think that 3D animation only is really used in the entertainment industry in video games and movies. The truth is that 3D animations are use everywhere in our society. From simple small apps and functions on a cell phone, to complex technical animations for demonstrations and instructional purposes 3D animation has become a part of everyday life.
  4. Why animators choose to render 3D animations rather than 2D animations?

    3D animation creates and the ability to reveal more dimension and detail in an image. Moving an image from a flat surface to revealing more volume allows the viewer to see and understand more data and detail than compared to what a 2D image introduces. For example in a 3D environment the viewer has a better sense of scale, proximity, and in many instances can view the impossible like in wire frame or cutaways.

  5. Which individuals and industries are using 3D graphics—either still images or animations? What are the characteristics of those 3D graphics currently in use by these individuals/industries?

    The entertainment industry is all about using advanced technology to push the industry further into reality. With 3D graphics and animation both the film industry and gaming industry have exploded with realistic detail. Video games are no longer just for the kids, but remain a high point in the day for many adults. I have even heard of elderly people in their 80’s getting in on the action. One couple I heard about uses a Wii system to play golf every night after dinner. They are too old to go out to the course, but love the game. They tee off every night at 7pm are able to play on courses around the world.

    Beyond entertainment, the medical field is able to explain and show so much more to students and patients about what is happening in the body with both 3d graphics and animation.

    Actually, as technology has greatly advanced and software is more available we see it popping up all over. From cell phones to flight simulators 3D graphics and animation are becoming away of life.


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