Managing Stress in the workplace

Stress in the workplace is a major problem. What are some reasons why stress is increasing in the workplace?

In today’s working class is struggling to find and keep work. With unemployment reaching 10% Americans need jobs. The tough economy is then in turn demands companies make cuts to stay in the black. This causes great stress on the work and their position is valued. It is their lively hood and how they provide for their family. Many positions are getting cut and employees are left jobless.

Managers might not have any choice in this season, as funds are limited. At the same time managers could, look into other areas that they could cut to keep employees in their positions. Consider how companies could cut a great bit of overhead by shifting many employees to work from off site locations. Years ago this option seemed a bit more difficult, but with high-speed Internet and computer technology working in a virtual environment is pretty seamless. Dollars saved in overhead could be applied to wages and give the company a new virtual edge.

Lack of Compensation:
Today’s employees are very frustrated with their wages. As the prices of goods and services have continued to rise, the wage of the worker has remained pretty much the same. Many employees today are not receiving the bonuses; health benefits, retirement plans and annual raises that were once considered common place in any position. In fact employees are seeing that their marginal raises barely cover inflation of goods from year to year.

The truth of the matter is that the rate of compensation is rising slower than the rate if inflation. Mangers may not have the funds to financially compensate their employees, but they can still compensate them. Insensitive programs, lottery pools, verbal affirmation, special recognition and contests are just a few things a manager could put into place to try to help employees feel valued, when the wage is not enough.

Raising Expectation: In an 8 hour workday, which is an hour longer than it was 50 years ago, the expectation of higher production is continually on the backs of employees. Technology has spoiled the work environment with instant results. An employee has the information at their fingertips. The expectation has followed technology as employers expect employees to produce significantly more with continual growth. Also, there is now the instant availability and employees can never get away from work. They are taking phone calls, emails, and working round the clock.

While pushing productivity is important to business growth it is important for managers to see their employees as humans, not machines. Setting goals is important, and pushes employees to work hard. At the same time to continually raise the bar will eventually burn out employees. Managers need to keep a healthy balance in mind and compensate long days and long hours. Some managers may even celebrate a the tough season in the slow season and take staff on trips, or have office parties. This is also a way to recognize the hard work and effort.

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