Managment and Change

Change is difficult for everyone because it is often seen as threatening. Give specific reasons why change and willingness to be flexible are important to modern management. Use outside references and the readings to support your argument.

Higher efficiency: New systems are continually being implement to streamline production and create greater efficiency. Many companies are learning the value of new management systems that help manage time, projects and people. Sigma 6 is one of the many that helped revolutionize GE and had become one of the major systems that larger companies implement. 

Competition: As businesses progress and companies move forward change is necessary to keep a competitive edge. If management is unmovable and set in their ways the company will miss the needs of their target market. Consider how landline companies had to switch their direction to stay in the market. ATT now offers Internet, cable, and wireless devices. Cable TV had to push their technologies forward as well too. And cell phones change almost on a weekly basis.

New information and technology: Every company is implementing new technology continually. One of the greatest new pieces many companies have added to there systems is the ipad. Implementing this new device has streamlined efficiently and communication greatly. Also considering how smart phones are essential to today’s businessperson. Their calendars, contacts, presentations and more are all so much easier to access with advancing devices.

Mergers and Takeover: Companies these days are merging and switching full management systems. If you were unable to flexible and move with the change you would be lost in the changes. From banks, grocery stores, automotive companies, and even advertising agencies all are experiencing mergers and takeovers. Managers must be willing to implement new systems and to meet the needs of the new and or adjusted department.

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