Color Choices - Complementary - Warm & Cool Colors.

OBJECTIVE: Give your impressions of how the artist might have approached the choice of colors.

I chose an illustration from Mark Bender. He is was one of my instructors at the Art Institute of Pittsburgh when I attended back in 2002. I always enjoyed his style and great use of color. In this piece you see that he has a warm and cool color contrast. His rich blue and green works very nicely with the vibrant orange and yellow. The color pallet choice is actually complementary which gives greatest contrast and great harmony. I also find it interesting how he chose to place the man working in realistic colored clothes. The man is dressed in blue coveralls and a white shirt. His arms are rich golden collection of orange and yellow. In addition to creating a great contrast and harmony, the colors selected are quite realistic and what you would expect to see.

By Mark Bender