Effective Use Of Color - Triadic Color - Illustration

Image Source: http://www.unstage.com/2009/10/great-use-of-color-in-digital-art/
In this illustration titled “kitchen” by Zain you see an example of an artist using a triadic color scheme. This means that the color pallet consists of three main colors that are equally spaced around the color wheel. It is a solid scheme to use as it provides strong contrast but maintains balance or harmony of color.
The artist establishes a cool feel with the use of blues in the top of the illustration. This was a great technique as the cool tones allow the viewer to be drawn in to the illustration, which creates a greater illusion of depth. In addition to the perspective and shading the use of blue makes this kitchen space appear very deep especially with the contrast of the pink warm tone, which is the one of the other colors used in the triad.

The pink tone adds a splash of warmth, but is secondary to the coolness of the more dominant blue. While the piece is quite sad and mellow looking do to the dominate cool color, the use of the warm pink tones on the bottom, are a great way to lead the front of the piece toward the viewer. This contrast of warm and cool is a great technique for this piece as it creates an illusion of an extended visual field a great use of color in this exaggerated perspective drawing.

Finally the artist uses a touch of yellow, which completes this triadic pallet. This aids in the established light source and gives the viewer a feeling of sunlight. This also pushes the blue primary color to appear darker and possibly sadder and helps the viewer realize the intended tone of the piece where the girl is stuck inside working, on a beautiful sunny day.

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