Aperture Settings - F-Stop

On my Canon PowerShot A40 the Aperture settings are a range from F2.8 to F14.

F2.8 - F3.2 - F3.5 - F4.0 - F4.5 - F4.8 - F8.0 - F9.0 - F10 - F13 - F14

The F-stop settings control the amount of light allowed to enter the lens. A larger number creates a larger opening, which will allow a greater amount of light to enter the lens. It is important to keep in mind that the F-stop number is actually the denominator of a fraction, the larger the F-stop number, the smaller the opening will be. For example, F14 is really 1/14 compared to F4.0 is really 1/4. By adjusting the F-stop a photographer is able to change the depth of field in a scene. In other words, a small F-stop of 2.8 would have a larger opening than F4.8 and would allow a great amount of light in. Therefore reducing the depth of field.

The camera in relation to the distance of the subject or scene, and the lens focal length are both variables that will affect the depth of field. The closer the camera is to the subject reduces the depth of field options. Using a wide angle lens will create more depth options than using a telephoto lens.

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