Creative Process - Thumbnails

I am very familiar with thumbnail sketches. I typically don’t have too much trouble creating about 5-7 thumbnails. I start to run out of ideas after that. Then I usually do more research and come up with a bunch of other ideas. I also have learned in the past, that when you create too many thumbnails, deciding what direction to go in is quite difficult so asking for others to critique your thumbnails is quite helpful. It is best though to hash out concepts quickly and explore all ideas before moving forward. My favorite way to utilize thumbnails is in a group/team atmosphere. It’s amazing what the group can come up with quickly when everyone is thinking and working on a concept with these quick visual sketches. It always surprises me how horrible and embarrassingly messy my thumbnails are compared to everyone else. This is one area I need to work on. Making my thumbnails cleaner, and easier to interpret. Because of this I usually use basic shapes for placeholders.

AIO Week 2 Lecture

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