Developing A Personal Style

1. Discuss your own personal experience in attempting to develop a certain style and why you favor that approach.

I remember when back when I was in a mixed media class and I was trying to mimic the style of  the 80’s trapper keeper artist Mark Fredrickson. I really liked how he exaggerated his images.
Mark Fredrickson Example:

I tried to find as many resources as I could to feed from.  In the end I remember finding the photo reference of the person I was going to use and actually scanning the photo into Photoshop and using a fisheye effect to get a good reference for my illustration. The final piece was for an Aesop fable of a boy in an almond jar. See my finished drawing on my website here:  

When working in illustrator and producing a digital illustration in the beginning I really wanted my work to look like a photograph. I spent hours creating shapes for every color I could see. I would only use references that were very sharp and clear. I reminded me of how I was really consumed of a technique called trompeloeil, in which you tried to create an image so realistic it appeared that you could just pick it up. See some samples of my early digital illustrations works.

As I quickly learned this style was very time consuming I went to more of an implied style and tried to find highlights, midtones and shadows. See Samples:

And just recently I have started working in the direction of using more silhouette and implied forms I think this is greatly influenced from itunes advertising.


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