When Does a Flash Enhance or Detract?

A flash can make the photo a great; at the same time, it can ruin the perfect setting. A flash can be quite effective if it is used in a way to create a small quantity of illumination on the subject. Many factors play in the effective use of a flash, for example the distance of the subject to the camera. If the subject is too far the flash will not reach the subject, but it the subject is too close the flash will wash out the subject. Using a flash can also create red eye as well as an outline shadow of a subject. A flash in many situations will take way from the photo when the lighting creates an atmosphere or environment. For example photographing performances where colored lighting creates an atmosphere, also in many performance settings flash photography is banned.
Samples of great non flash performance photos by Mike Thompson:

Sample 1. Flash Enhanced: I have a shot of my cat, “E-sue”  I shot him in front of the window. Although I love using daylight, I knew there would be a shadow on his face if I didn’t use a flash.

Sample 2. Flash Detract: I shot two bottles of wine in my kitchen using tungsten light. You can see in the photo a serious reflection down the center of both of the bottles as well as a nice outline shadow. The flash was not a helper here.

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