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The Arts and Crafts movement evolved in opposition to the industrial revolution and specifically against the Victorian period. The Arts and Crafts style “ refers to the early 19th –century British and American movement to revive handicrafts” (Gray, 2011).  Those dedicated to the style wanted to see society move back to being more of a handmade society once again. The desire for a worker to have pride in his skill and craftsmanship fuelled the movement, as well as, the brutal “working conditions found in the factories” The industrial revolution opened the gates of mass production, but had not established a high level of quality control. “Manufactured goods were often poor in design and quality” (The Arts and Crafts Movement, 2011).
The Arts and Crafts style of architecture include both bungalow and craftsman homes. They were known for being easy to build and maintain, as well as, being affordable.  They were typically built with natural materials like wood, stone and brick. The furniture and light fixtures were custom and built in, which created great unity with the interior elements and structure. It also provides efficient uses of space. Arts and crafts used an open floor plan and typically featured a dominant fireplace in the main living space. The “fireplace was the symbol of family in the Arts and Crafts movement” and open floor plan revealed a rejection of the many small rooms commonly used in Victorian architecture (Gray, 2011).  The interior also many times had exposed beams.

The exterior of a typical arts and crafts style home would be identified with a porch with either square or round columns or a low-pitched roof. In most cases they also featured wide eaves. The underlying goal was to attempt to make the “structures become part of their settings by seamlessly integrating them with nature” (AIO, 2011).
See example below.
(D. L. James House, 2011)

Architect: Greene and Greene
Carmel Highlands, California
Building Type:
native stone
Arts and Crafts

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