The Bradbury Building Contrast Interior and Exterior

The Bradbury Building:

The Bradbury Building was built between 1889 and 1893. It is a commercial office building located in Los Angeles, California. The urban structure has a unique blend of style. “Depending on the architect, historian, or other expert you ask, the Bradbury Building's exterior fa├žade might be described as Italian Renaissance Revival, Romanesque, or (no kidding) Eclectic Victorian Pre-Modern” (Jay, 2011). The relatively simple exterior design raises 5 stories and features a mix of sandstone, terra cotta panels and dressed brick masonry. Decorative elements on the exterior of the structure consist of stringcourse, design of grouping rectangles and a strong sense of line, decoration under the eves, double hung windows on the first 4 stories and on the fifth floor the windows are arcuated or have a structural arch. These subtle details provide a very uniform symmetrical curb appeal that does not make this building cry out great significance from its neighboring buildings.
A harsh contrast is apparent when moving to the interior design of the building. The interior features magnificent attention to details like, “ornamental cast iron, rare marble, glazed brick, polished wood, and imported tile rising majestically to a towering skylight” (Jay, 2011). The skylight is one of the main features in the court as it floods the open 5-story cathedral with vibrant natural light. As the day progresses the lighting in the court changes, causing unique shifting shadows and shapes. “The ornate wrought iron railings”, projecting stairs and hydraulic elevators are other elements that reveal a very unique look creating an “illusion of Babylon's hanging gardens” (Jay, 2011). The elevators are showcased as they are an open cage style revealing intricate detail for the functioning pulleys and weights as well as the open structure which is all completely exposed by the large main skylight. The tile floors brought in from Mexico and marble staircase from Belgium complete the design of this extremely unique and detailed interior.

Exterior View:


 (Downtown with Kids: Bradbury Building & Grand Central Market, 2011)

Interior Views:

(Bradbury Building - George H. Wyman - Great Buildings Online, 2011)

 (Bradbury Building - George H. Wyman - Great Buildings Online, 2011)
 Bradbury Building - 'Blade Runner' movie location :: Downtown Los Angeles
(Bradbury Building - Blade Runner Movie Location - Broadway Los Angeles, 2011)
Very Unique interactive interior view:

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