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There are quite a number of tools for color correction in Photoshop. Each of these tools have different effects on the image. Name at least three of these tools, along with an explanation of how these tools affect the image.

Layer Styles:
I prefer to use a color layer and layer style to change the color of an image. It works pretty well as you are not actually directly working on the image, but on a separate layer. I typically create a new layer add the color apply a mask and then change the layer style. Different layer styles do different things to the image when they are applied. When trying to change the color I would typically use the color layer style.

Adjusting the Hue:
Another easy way to adjust the color is using an adjustment layer and changing the hue. Once again I would create a mask and then go to the adjustments pallet and click on hue/saturation. Sliding the hue slider back and forth will give a rainbow of color options. At the sometime you may not be able to match a color you had in mind. For example, I have found I can’t create a Deep Dark Blue from an object that is currently red.

LAB & Levels or Curves:
Switching to LAB makes changing color through levels pretty simple. The color is only on the AB channels. Go to Image>Mode>Lab Color. Create a mask around the area you wish to adjust, then go to the adjustments pallet and choose levels or curves. Select either channel A or B to make adjustments from, jumping back and for the between the two to find the desired adjustment. Adjusting the lightness layer will make adjustments to the contrast in the image and remove the highlights and shadows.

All of these examples are great ways to make slight or major color adjustments to the image without directly changing the original. They all also will not change the contrast. The key in each example is having a good mask that will contain the adjustments to a specified area on the image.

Another simple change of color is to completely remove it. Changing to Grayscale. Go to Image>Mode>Grayscale. This will completely remove the color information from the image. The image will no longer be a RGB or CMYK image.

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