Snickers TV Spot - To Print

Select a TV ad, imagine how a print ad might look for the same product. Discuss the limitations of the print ad compared to a TV ad. Discuss the advantages of both media vehicles.


A great way to push this campaign into print would be with a hologram type of ad. Moving the image in one direction you would see the diva like in the commercial or you could take it to another extreme with some crazy angry animal. Then tilting it the other way you see some one smiling as they are eating their snickers. Then you would even have a third angle that shows the snickers and the slogan.

Result you have a very sharp ad with a dramatic and entertaining effect. People would probably tilt back through the hologram a few times just cause holograms are interesting.
The ad would also stay in keeping with the concept of the commercial.

Printed ads do have their advantages and disadvantages. The major advantage of printed advertising is the fact that it is there for the observer to study, as long at they like. The contact information, services, and branding are there for referencing later if a detail is forgotten.

TV has so many more dimensions to it that it is not really easy to compare. With television you have graphics and color and typography as you do in printed media, but it is also moving and changing images. But then when you think of the sound aspect TV is on completely different level. Even if you are not watching the TV and are in the room you can still hear the ad.

The moving images aspect is quite strong too. Think of your favorite grill bar. Your there having a good time with your friends or family, but attention is captured across the restaurant by the 48” TV with the latest beer commercial. Of course you can’t hear what is going on, but the movement of the ridicules scenario has captured you and pulled you in. You are a victim of their great marketing.

In my opinion you really can’t go wrong by using multiple vehicles. Print and TV work well together as the TV can make customers familiar with their product. Printed Advertising is a great affordable way to follow that TV spot ad. Remind the future customers and give them some additional information. Print is also a great way to target a specific segment group with a special magazine.

AIO Lecture Week 4

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