The DAMP method - Photoshop Retouch

Wow I love the retouching exercise shown in the lecture. At first I didn’t see how it worked, but now I am addicted. This is a great reason to duplicate a layer and work on a separate layer. Another reason to duplicate a layer would be when using layer styles. I make 2 and even 3 copies of layers and add different layer styles to create interesting effects. I also duplicate layers so that have the original to reference quickly without removing masks or turning off a bunch of other layers.

1. I duplicated the layer.
2. I turned off the top layer on the layers pallet.
3. I went to the bottom layer and did a Filter>Noise>Dust and Scratches, Radius 4 and Threshold 6.
4. Turned the top layer back on added a mask to it.
5. Taking the brush tool I selected the bad spots to mask out on the top image
6. I added an adjustment layer for levels and hue saturation.
7. I created a mask separating the boy from the background using the lasso tool and then cleaned it up with the brush tool.
8. I added an adjustment layer for hue and saturation to the boy adding red to his shirt and face.

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  1. Thanks for the little method that you teach in taking retouch image.