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Web Advertising U by Kotex VS Always – Ad, Website, Online Video Spot.

U by Kotex has created an amazing campaign for marketing their feminine hygiene products to young women. Comparing U by Kotex to another brand like Always it is very apparent these two companies are going after two different segments. The fun and youthful look of U by Kotex is very different from the traditional quality product guarantee look of the Always product which hits home with a more mature generation of woment. I considered their ads and looked at their product package design, their websites, and online video spots.

In just considering the banner ad design U by Kotex has produced, I saw the dark purple gradient for the background with the brightly colored product popping of the page. There were some subtle transparent circular shapes dancing throughout the layout. It has simple text mentioning the wit, comfort, and cool factor you gain from their product. The over all feel is playful and fun. The ad looks more like a party invitation than a feminine hygiene product.

When contrasted to Always I couldn’t actually find an always banner ad. I had to find a printed ad. This was interesting to me as I thought I would find one quite easily, but even on their website they only have printed ads. I am guessing they are not going for that young internet addicted group of young women. The printed ad shows a very traditional look to it . Script text for the title and clean san serif type for the copy. The color pallet is also limited. The ad contains mostly a white pallet with shades of gray and the accents of green from the product and a nice contrast of red from the models hair. The look of this ad creates a fresh and clean feeling.

Next, I considered the websites. The U by Kotex website is very simple with its large photograph a young girl on the go. The type in vibrant colors and rounded san serif font pops off the bottom of the page with their playful symbols. The over all feel is very youthful. The logo in the top header also has a trendy look to it.

I compare that to the Always website which also has a fresh look, but is less edgy as it does not have the high contrast of black and lime green, bright pink, yellow and blue. The Always logo is very whimsical in the font choice and calming blue color. The flash animation and movement in the footer also has a calming essence to it. I would venture to say this over all feel of this site is light and calming.

http://www.ubykotex.com/                                   http://www.always.com/index.jsp

In the video spot I noticed the attitude was so relaxed and laid back. Treating the experience as more of a “good friend”. The girl discusses the entire thing you typically would not want to do as things she would like to do. The tag is “Why are Tampon Commercials So Ridicules?”
U by Kotex commercial:

The Always commercial uses a woman that is a older compared to the Kotex commercial. It focuses directly on the function of the product. The text and colors are the traditional always script font. The colors used are subtle calming blue. The tag is “Experience the Magic of Always Infinity”

Always commercial:

Overall I think the strategy for U by Kotex is a perfect way to target that young segment of the market. The fun youthful approach will attract young women to consider their product.

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