Photoshop Animation

I have done quite a few Photoshop animations of the years. It is always a little difficult as I also have don’t some in flash, and remembering the limits of Photoshop animations verses flash.
Here is what I did:

  1. I created a document 640x480
  2. I started with my name.
  3. I wanted to highlight the different sections or things in my online portfolio. So I used the same font family and designed text that comes in at different times.
  4. Then I have my name fade in last. I applied a “difference” layer style to my name and changed the color to cyan.
  5. Then I added a black panel that will fade in and change my name color due to the layer style.
  6. Then I added “portfolio”
  7. I ended up with 33 frames and quite a few tweens.
  8. Save as .psd
  9. And Save as gif.

Here are some links to other samples I have created.

See links for more samples:

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