Appealing Web Portfolio - Tony Diterlizzi

Question: Which site was most appealing to you? Why was this so? For example, did you enjoy layout, fonts, message, animation or the "over all gestalt" of the work? 

I would say the most appealing site I found form the illustrators I researched was Tony Diterlizzi’s site http://www.diterlizzi.com. I thought it was quite unique especially has he had a little video for each page. You get a real feel for his personality and humor from his comments. I also thought his navigation was very simple. He has nice sized thumbnails in his portfolio section and then the larger images have a nice viewer as well. Finally there is so much in the site. It seems he has many hidden links that interact as the viewer browses. On top of his very sharp site his illustration is quite good too. I actually found that he was the illustrator for one of my daughters books “Ted”. If you have not seen the work of Tony Diterlizzi, I suggest you check out his site http://www.diterlizzi.com.