Type Development Process 5 - Digital Production Review - Rapunzel

Questions are answered referring to  Type Development Process 4:

Q • Do you think that all the characters of your typeface appear to belong to the group? If not, does the effect appear intentional? Tell us of any that you are not sure about.
I think the characters defiantly belong together. Each character has a similar look and feel many of the pieces of and families of subgroups use the same elements and show consistency, yet all have an organic feel.¬¬¬
Q • Does the relationship between the pairs of characters appear intentional and consistent? Tell us about any pair that you think is weak in this regard.
I feel pretty confident in most of my characters. The only ones that I feel may need some adjustment are “A” – simply because I don’t really like the space created for the eye. I think it is too small.
“M” – It looks a little thin in areas.
“V” – Also looks a little thin.
“W” – Angles need to be adjusted to make it not so wide.
Q • Comment on your headline tests. Is your text easy to read or difficult? How will this enhance or limit the effectiveness of your typeface?
It defiantly is not the easiest font to read. Comparing it to a clean sans serif font it does not stand a chance. This font is more of a decorative font. It will enhance when used in the correct context. For example, I will be using it for the book title relating to the hair. If the context was to relate to hair and the free organic movement of hair I believe it could be quite effective. It represents so well that it helps define with the imagery.
Q • What did you come to realize from this review stage that might affect your typeface design in a major or minor way?
The major issue I ran into is the size of the file. I have so many shapes for each character that my 3 headlines were 150 mb in an eps file. I could not get the file to actually save as a .pdf until I ran the .eps through acrobat distiller. I am hoping in the next edits to be able to use pathfinder and possibly the symbols pallet to reduce the size of my files. I guess the lesson learned is that I should be working at a more reasonable zoom. Instead of getting so close to each letter and making it looks perfect at a high zoom. For example My letters show the great detail at 800%, but at 100% you loose the detail