Type Development Process 7 - Speciman Sheet Concpts- Rapunzel

OBJECTIVE: Specimen Sheet Development.


The typeface I am developing is for the fairy tail “Rapunzel”. The basic concept is to create characters that reveal a wild whimsical batch of hair. I am using the climax of the story phase, “let your hair down”. While the original design was more involved I find myself simplifying it with ever assignment as the character as simply too detailed and make saving a very long and tedious process.

( * concepts were taken from thumb to digital rough)
* 1. Wrapping the top and Right:
Title and Phrase wrap the top and right edges of the page. The characters are stacked in the lower left corner and go up to the bottom of the headline. A large ‘R” character will interact as a subtle design element in the background.

* 2. Rapunzel on her balcony:
Using characters to assume basic shape. “A” will be used as a balcony as well as a torso and arms. “O” is for the head shape and an upside down “?” for a nose. The phrase is sweeping down through the space and breaking the upper case characters and lower case characters.

* 3. Head of hair:
Using the phrase repeated many times as well as the “I” and “O” characters I tried to simulate the back of a head and hair falling down. This is placed in the center of the layout. The phrase is then repeated in the background color to pop off the contrast of the repeating and overlapping text. “REPUNZEL” is then wrapping the head shape almost like a crown. Upper and lower case letters are side by side and symbols across the bottom.

4. Center Block:
A tight center block of characters. Upper, lower and numbers are contained in the block. Symbols will border the block. It is capped with the name and phase will fall down the right side. An over sized “R” will be used for background texture.

5. Simple Clean Approach:
Stacking groups of characters in the center with the title and phrase turned vertical on either end.

* 6. Word Search Puzzle:
Design is a word search puzzle. Top is upper case characters, which reveal the title in a diagonal in the puzzle, the name is circled or highlighted. A line of numbers, then lower case characters in the puzzle which reveal the phases. Symbols at the bottom.