Editorial Illustraition - Teen Sleep Issues

Find an article in The Washington Post and create and create 10  conceptual thumbnails for the article.

The article I found in the Washington post is called. “Digital diversions leave teens, parents sleep-deprived”
By Donna St. George
Washington Post Staff Writer
Tuesday, August 24, 2010
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Overview of article.

This article reflects on how getting teens to go to bed is difficult in the first place, but then adding technology to the mix makes it very difficult. From, video games, computer, TV, music and texting on cell phones today’s teen has many more distractions keeping them up late at night. The major issue is these students are required to be up early in the morning for school. Parents are finding that they need to enforce new rules like “no cell phones or laptops in bed”.

Thumbnail Concept 1:
It is more like a child hiding from the “Monsters” at night. Except the monsters in this case are the electronic devices. You see a very tired teen trying to find cover from the glowing devices in the shadows. I-pod, cell phone, video games, tv, computer. The devices crowd around the bed to keep the teen awake.

Thumbnail Concept 2:
The teen is actually asleep, possibly some drool out of the corner of his/her mouth. You see a clock in the shadows in the background. But beside the pillow is the phone in the teens “awake hand” texting as the teen sleeps.

Thumbnail Concept 3:
A very simple approach as a teen is awake in their bed using some type of electronic device. You see the moon and clock for visual cues that this is the wrong time for what the teen is doing.
 Thumbnail Concept 4:
We have all done it. Hide under the blanket and pretend that we are asleep while we play video games on a personal device, or text messages. The screen would laminate the teens face and the parents are in the shadows with their arms crossed. Not the clock and time.

Thumbnail Concept 5:
Parents in bed looking at each other rather cross as their room is filled with electronic devices that they have had to take from their child’s room. Now the devices are keeping them awake.

Thumbnail Concept 6:
The idea of needing to turn in Personal Electronic Devices at night with larger families. The caption would say something about Mrs. Smith found her 4 teens to most unhappy that she installed an electronics arsenal due to the lack of sleep in their home.

Thumbnail Concept 7:
Showing a cell phone with a text message on it, revealing a teen is up late texting when their parents think they are sleeping. Make the text contain text terms, and references to school.

Thumbnail Concept 8:
More like a “Far Side” cartoon. This would should a neighborhood home with a giant metal dome over the top call “Cel-Guard” The caption would explain this is dome was installed to block evening electronic activity.

Thumbnail Concept 9:
The traditional shot of loving parents looking in on their sleeping child. Quote from mom “sleeping like a baby”. Quote from Dad, “Cause I took the phone”. You see the phone in dads back pocket buzzing. And vibrating with messages.

Thumbnail Concept 10:
Shows mom and dad in bed and through the hallway their child is up with their electronic device. The mother, bothered by the noise says. “Aren’t you going to do something? They will be up all night!!!. Dad says, “No I have the charger”.

Thumbnail Concept 11:
Shows a father purchasing a new phone product called “Cinderella Phone”. The sales man is explaining that it will not work after midnight.

Thumbnail Concept 12:
The Cell Club is a device that locks up ones phone. It would show some type of lock up device on a teens cell phone.





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