Typography Growth Check

How have your own concepts regarding contemporary typography grown or somehow changed as a result of your work in this course? Are there any concepts and practices encountered that you will apply to future design projects, either for school or in a professional setting? Explain your thoughts in detail.

This is actually the second class in which I was required to design my own typeface. Since I had done it before I was fairly confident I could do it again. One major thing that helped that I learned in this class that I had not used in the last class was the subcategories. I had a similar process in the last class that I developed on my own, but figuring out the subcategories early in the project helped greatly and creating characters consistently and quickly.

The other aspect that was a huge eye opener is how I was able to really create a huge mess by over designing each character. I learned the valuable lesson of SIMPLIFY, SIMPLIFY, SIMPLIFY! I am also shocked to find some limits with Adobe Illustrator that I had never encountered before.
Another valuable aspect of this class that I was unaware of is the specimen sheet. I have one other font that is finished, and 2 other fonts started. I thought it would be great too finished these out and create 3 more specimen sheets for them. In terms of a portfolio I think that would look pretty solid to have 4 designed typefaces and specimen sheets to showcase the type.