Portfolio sites that could use some help...

Question: Did you find sites that you did not like when you reviewed illustrators portfolios? Again, why was this so?
I was least impressed with the portfolio site for Josh Kenyon. http://www.enyocreative.com/work/illustration. This site has nothing to it. It is just piece after piece you see as you scroll down the page. How boring? There is no information about the piece either. The links don’t tell you anything about the artist they just show more sections of his work like art, print, and apparel. At the same time Josh has done some nice color on his site, but the design is so poor it is hard to appreciate the color pallet.

I thought I would also highlight another site that really bothered me. I found Stan Gormans site to be quite disappointing. http://www.stangorman.com/index.html . While his splash page makes the site look promising, after you get past the second page you see the site is very poorly designed. His links are placed at the bottom of the page. This would not be an issue, but they bounce up and down as you go from page to page. Also the fonts are not consistent for these links. He must have a css issue. The viewer can’t miss the basic header on each page in its bright green all cap’s serif font. It is amazing Stan’s illustrations are so good, but his site does not showcase his great work.