Editorial Illustraition - Salmon Baby Food: How to get kids to eat fish

Headline from Time.com
Salmon Baby Food: How to Get Kids to Eat Fish
By Jeffrey Kluger Wednesday, Aug. 25, 2010
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This first concept goes with the idea that kids really like salmon, to the point that they will beat up a bear in a stream for it. The image show a bear that just caught a fish and a little girl in her diaper and bib coming up to club the bear and take the fish. The bib the little girl is wearing says “I Love Salmon”. This concept is taken to an extreme obviously, but the idea is to get kids to really want fish.
Concept Rough :
It was suggested in review that the club was a little much. Possibly a tug of war would be more appropriate. This piece was rendered digitally in Illustrator.
Concept Final:

This one features a big guy wearing a “I Love Beef!” t-shirt while he is eating a big burger and drinking a giant soda. The idea is to compare the current problem with the new solution, of getting kids to like fish early in like so they are healthy as adults. This little girl has a MMM “Fish symbol” Yum! Tank top on.. She is eating sardines. It is an interesting contrast, but really calls out the current American diet.
Concept Rough:
This concept stayed pretty much the same as it moved to the final rendering. I adjusted a few things and rendered it in a digital format using Illustrator.
Concept Final:

This concept shows a little girl in her diaper fishing with a net. The image is showing the salmon swimming up stream. The idea is this girl I similar to a young bear cub fishing was the salmon swim upstream. It is very important to her so this young toddler is quite focused, as she really wants the fish.
Concept Rough:

 It was suggested upon review this child playing with the net should be younger with a pole. The final was rendered in Adobe Illustrator.
Concepts Final: