Package Design - Continuous Label Cylinder

Create a company and product label that will use a cylinder shaped container.  It may not contain any die cuts or windows. The label must be continual and not appear to have a front or back. 

Show a thumbnail, sketch rough, 3 digital revisions, and final product photo.

Product overview:

The product is spaghetti pasta. The product is currently known for it’s packaging in boxes and bags. The product is produced in long, thin brittle pieces. I would like to packaging to appeal to individuals looking for a spaghetti pasta product for Italian. The packaging will appeal to those looking to use portions of the product; therefore the packaging also serves a purpose of storage. Target group is men and women 18- 40 with a small family or individuals living alone.

The brand name is Segreti. I thought using an Italian family name would work well for this Authentic Italian Pasta Product. I have researched Italian looking fonts and found that they lend more to a script look. At the same time some applications use a think san serif font. The logo is repeated on the container to make it appear there is not a front or back. The size of the label is 7” X 10 5/8” with a ¼” on the top and bottom and a ½” flap.

Rough Sketch

Digital 1

Digital 2


Final Prototype

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