Research in Packge Design for Crunch

A great site with information to enchance package design. This site explores the packaging of the following products:

Brands referenced include: Back to Nature, Ben & Jerry, Blue Bunny, Butterfinger Crisp, Cap'n Crunch, Caribou Coffee, Cary's, Cascadian Farm, Cheese Nips, Cheetos, Cocoa Pebbles, Crisp'itz, Crispy Delites, Doritos, Food Should Taste Good, Frito Lay, Garden of Eatin, General Mills, Giga Hold, Goldfish, Good Humor, grape-nuts, Gripz, Healthy Delite, Heart Basics, Hershey, Kashi, Keebler, Kellogg's, Kit Kat, Krackel, Kraft, Krispy Kreme, Lunchables, Madhouse Munchies, Masterfoods, McCormick, Nabisco, Nature's Path, Nestle Crunch, New York Style, Old El Paso, Optimum Zen, Oscar Mayer, Pepperidge Farm, Post, Quaker, Rice Krispies, Salad Toppins, Snickers Cruncher, Stop & Shop, Sun Snacks, Tiny Trapeze, TLC, Wheat Thins, Whole Foods, Wise, YoCrunch.

Comments are made about the following:
Background Texture
Product Illustration
Brand Characters
Hard Things in Soft Things
Not Quite Crunchy
Crunch Masters
Crunch Graphics
Crispy vs. Crunchy

Check it out:

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