Heal & Seal - Package Design

Project Brief:  Heal & Seal

Enter the product name and provide a brief description if necessary
HEAL & SEAL- soap designed for cleaning, healing and preserving tattooed skin.
The problem statement briefly presents a situation that needs to be solved.
Many people get tattoos and part of tattoo care is proper cleaning. People need a product that will clean, sooth, and heal their tattoo as well as, retain color and brightness of the ink.
The objective presents a solution to the communication problem.
Promote a cleaning, healing, protective soap for people that get and have tattoos, that will aid in quicker healing, relieve discomfort, and enhance the ink for longer lasting clarity and color.
Antibacterial, Antimicrobial, Anagelsic.
Target Market:
This section briefly describes specific relevant information about the audience.
Demographics: Men and women ages’ 18-25, living in urban areas, that have, or are getting tattoos.
Psychographics: Individuals concerned with long lasting quality detail, and color. Interested in the music and concert scene. Artistic, edgy, dark and provocative.

This might be a slogan or a one-word description of the “personality” of the communication. It could be as simple as “fun” or “romantic.” The fewer words used to describe the message, the better
 “Making Your Marks Last”

Media Plan:
This quickly describes the type of media that you will use.
1.Internet: Website containing videos, information, discounts, free samples, and purchase options and banner ads,

2. Consumer Magazine: A full-page color advertisement in Prick  Magazine, with ad containing product, details, and web address. Run the Ad for 12 months

3. Outdoor: Billboard or transit ad located an urban area near a tattoo shop that carries the product. Billboard would be bold and simplified keeping the branding and look of the magazine ad and  internet advertising
Product Label:

Applied to Container:

Outdoor Advertising:
Magazine Ad:

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  1. Awesome job on the package design. Almost makes me want to get a tattoo just so I could use this product.