Promotional Strategy - S&S Smoothie

Point of purchase flyer with instant savings coupon.
Flyer explaining why S&S smoothing is the best way to start the day and a
coupon incentive to purchase more products.
MESSAGE: “Start your day the Smooth way!” -- Encouraging customers to
choose an S&S Smoothie for breakfast, for its quick convenience and health
IMAGERY: Brightly colored smoothies, with a nice garnish. Bright and refreshing.
The S&S Smoothie logo.
Mostly white. The color from the red smoothie in the photo will be added to the
word smooth and a lighter shade to the copy below the word “way” in the white
space. The other copy and text will be black.
Similar fonts used in other promotions. Keeping the large copy sections in a
small clean san serif font (Gill Sans,) The head line font would also be a clean
san serif font, but the word “Smooth” would be more organic. Possibly Fruitopia font.
Very small copyright info on the bottom right. ( Coupon offer on back of flyer will
use a bold font for the offer. And clean small san serif (gill sans) for the fine print.
The photo will be also included in the coupon with the headline.
Large Refreshing smoothies on the lower left. The headline is strong and read
straight across until it gets to the word “smooth” which wraps around the kiwi and
the word “way” follows and reads vertically. The logo is placed on the lower right.
Small group copy placed below the “way” in the white space above the logo.
Coupon offer is placed on the back.

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