Graphic Design Websites

Web resources to stay on top of trends and continue learning:


This is the home site of the monthly magazine “Graphic Design.” Published by Kaye Publishing for over forty years, this magazine and the corresponding Web site provide tons of information on the latest news, trends, and people in the design world.


Communication Arts Magazine has long been considered the premiere publication of the world of advertising and graphic design. Articles on the industry as well as several showcases of the best work from all over the world make this magazine a must on any designer’s shelf. The corresponding Web site has valuable online information and links to award-winning Web sites and interactive media sites.


Pantone is the leading manufacturer of color systems throughout the world. Their Web site provides valuable information on color and color trends as well as tips on designing with color. Use the “search” function to search for “trends” to find articles and links to information on color.


Adobe is the leading developer and distributor of software for the visual communication industry. Their Web site is a storehouse of valuable information on how to use their software as well as information on trends. Use the “search” function to search for trends. Most of the links will connect you to Adobe’s press room where you will find articles on fonts, color, graphics and much more. Adobe allows you to sign up for regular email updates on the latest news.


This site, mentioned earlier, provides the latest information on everything from new marketing techniques to consumer needs and desires. Search for documents within the site using the Google search engine.


Creativepro.com has the latest news on trends, fonts, graphics, print, stock photos, systems and hardware. Web and business graphics are also included on this information rich site. Links to each are on the homepage making it easy to find the information you want quickly.

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