Package Design - Reflecting the product

Cracked edges, rough and distressed borders, woodcuts and the like add hand-hewn looked that is so often associated with crunch. Images of whole grains, if applicable, are also seen woven into background patterns and typography to support naturally crunchy products, like cereals.

Response: Crunch graphics work best when balanced with some smooth clean lines.Too much of a crunchy thing can be overbearing, not to mention, unappetizing.

Source From: http://www.rbird.com/movabletype/patterns/archives/package-design-for-crunch.php

Crunch Graphics:
Using the edges and borders to push the “crunch” is a great concept. Not only is the word crunch there, but also it is rocking the environment it is placed in. Pushing the packaging to experience the effect of the product is a great way to express to the costumer how the experience of the product will be. In this case it reminds me more of being creative and mindful with the entire package design. In this case crunch is what is being pushed making the entire package reflect the “crunch” of the product. The same principle would be true if the product was chewy, creamy, bubbly or fizzy..You see this concept applied a lot with bubbles. I think the sub point is important though you can have too much crunch. Balance is always key.
Adding keeping these elements of texture is very important when designing packaging for anything, and especially candy bars. We see crunch graphics applied to some candy bar packaging.

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