Package Design - DVD Text only - Seven

Find a DVD and redesign the cover using only type. The final should be front, back and spine, as well as, insert front and back and the DVD.

Post: Thumbnail, Digital Rough, Final.

DVD: Seven -
I used a large #7 to span the entire space with a gritty font called CGF OFF-ROAD. I then used the seven sins, which is the theme of the movie, in the number in a subtle color/shade. I used repetition of these seven sins. I then picked random spots to change the color of the listings to a bright red. This is in keeping with the theme of the movie as well as the murders are at random. I used the font Last Sound Track for the Sins and the Title, which I made large and red. I also exchanged the V in seven for a #7. Finally I applied a quote and the featured actors in a Palatino font. On the original movie they used hash marks, which I thought I would keep in my design which are done in the Megiapaoid font. I plan on adding more color and completing the back spine, inside piece front and back as well as the DVD to complete this project.


Digital Rough

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