Package Design Use of White

Several brands use a clean white field to provide contrast and let the product image communicate crunch more effectively. This unadorned presentation keeps the focus on the grain, texture and nuances of the product.

Response: While presentation on white is an effective way to put focus on texture and grain, it also is a common technique among organic, or natural foods. Words like “clean”, “crisp” and “snappy” come to mind for packages using this technique.

The section about “White” was interesting to me. It seems like this is a newer movement for quality brands in my opinion. It seems like years ago the generic product would use white for packaging with very plain simple text looking very generic I guess at that time it was an affordable design choice. Today it seems like this movement has shifted to quality products and brands as well. These products using a lot of white seems to be a better quality as the brand speaks for itself and the noise of the packaging is not needed for attention. The products seem to be focused more toward the health conscious apposed to those looking for a sweet snack containing red 40.
A great example of this is with Kashi products.
The texture of the product is defiantly highlighted. The logo and branding are also easy to spot. At the same time you also see generics going with this look too. Wal Mart for example has recently switched to this look too.
With candy bars there are a few that may use this strategy. Payday is one that comes to mind.
sing the white background to contrast the crunchy nuts. I have also seen this a little with Hershey’s Cookie ‘n’ Cream
In general most candy bars use white to show white chocolate. But theses are some great ways where it was used to show crunch.

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