Create a Grass Brush - Adobe Illustraitor

A great solution to creating grass quickly is using the brushes in Illustrator. This method is taken from “ The Adobe Illustrator CS4 WOW! Book” Pages 158-159

1. First use the pen tool and draw a blade of grass.

2. Make 2 copies of the blade
3. Set one to be shadow and make it slightly larger,
Set one for the main tone
Set one for the highlight Make it smaller

4. Using the direct point select and other tools merge the three items into one stacked blade.

5. Select this 3 layered object and drag it to the brushes pallet. Select New Art Brush
6. In the art brush options name your brush and make sure your method says Tints and Shades.
7.With this new brush use the paint brush tool and draw several paths.
8. Using the Options of Selected object button at the bottom of the brushes pallet
Make adjustments to your blades of grass to make the more random. Mainly Flip directions on some and click proportional.

9. Next you create a pattern brush from this path.
Select the blades you just created and adjusted and drag the selection to the brushes pallet. Select New Pattern Brush.
10. Select OK in the Pattern Brush Options. Leave Defaults

Make sure you have your new pattern brush selected and then with the paintbrush draw a few paths about the same size. And you will have grass.

Applied for grass in gray-scale illustration .

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