Lable & Multiunit Carrier - Lorikeet

Project Overview:
Your project is to design labeling for a group of clear containers. Your labeling will be based on the product category you have already researched for your Product Profile. Then, for your next project you will design and construct the multiunit carrier that will house these containers, so planning is very important at this stage.


The product is a pre mixed martini. It will have a front and back label with a cap wrapper. The front label is 6.75” x3” the back label is 6.72” x1.5” and the seal wrapper is 1”x4.5”. This product will come in a pack of 4 with an assortment of flavors. The product will be branded “Lorikeet”. A lorikeet is known for its bright vibrant colors, with this in mind I plan on having the beverage color reflect the name using bright colors for the different flavors.
The first thing the viewer will be drawn to is the Lorikeet perched on the rim of a martini glass. The glass is actually a die cut and reveals the clear bottle with the vibrant color of the drink. The color is reinforced by the flavor. The logo uses the eye of the Lorikeet for the ”o” showing unity with the logo and imagery.
The text included on the front label will be the logo, Flavor, Martini, Ready to serve, 375 ML (12.7 FL OZ) 20 Proof 10% ALC By VOL. The back label will include directions of how to serve. Nutritional information. Ingredients, Government Warning, Please Recycle, made with vodka, Barcode and Contact information. I also wanted to include a seal wrapper for the cap. It would have ready to serve and the warning again.



Tight Rough:

Rough Digital:
 Final Label:

Carrier Design: