Product Profile

For what purpose is the Product Profile method used?
The Product Profile is used for researching a product and its particular category closely to aid in early development in the design of packaging graphics. This method involves the study of color, typeface, imagery, hierarchy, unique features, diagrams, package constitution, the retail environment where product will be made available, as well as, other specifics depending on the product.

How can this information benefit the package designer?
Knowledge of what competitors are doing is very important in package design. Considering the strengths and weaknesses of the competing packages in the product category will be critical in developing a successful package design. The package designer needs to know what is out there and what their design is competing against. In the end a designer wants his package to stand out from the visual noise of the others, and communicate the essential information quickly and efficiently.

How can it benefit the marketer?

Since package design is different from ad design, the design is more about creating quick communication where the package can be easily spotted by the consumer. With this in mind a marketer will use consumer research to see what is most effective.