Digital Illustration - Conceptual Thinking

Develop conceptual thinking and translate ideas into digital illustrative form.

With Illustrator it is very easy to take creative thinking and translate it into expressive artwork and designs.

Description: Created a concept for “ The Art of Illusioneering” album for the band Beauty Strikes Back. Concept features lead singer holding a crystal ball, which illuminates his face and hand. The image is high contrast as the shadows fight the light from the crystal ball.

Description: Created a SWAG concept and created a mockup of product for promotional give away item. Created a visual mock up of SWAG item- tire pressure gauge from promotional item photograph. Created a Promotional item container – motorcycle tire – to contain the SWAG. Used photograph reference to created tire container.

Description: Create a SWAG item pin for the band Beauty Strikes Back. Pin should contain image of angry Cinderella type character stomping on the pumpkin to reflect the name of the band or “beauty striking back”.