Digital Illustration - Applied

Apply digital illustrations to design formats and page layouts.

I have used Illustrator exclusively for page design.

Illustration Poster
Description: Created for cyclestrippers.com. Uses many photo references. Applied live trace techniques, pen tool drawing, Layer styles. Gradient mesh. Text.

Illustraitor Magazine Page Design
Description: Created a fully vector layout with vector graphics.

Illustrator Design with Raster Graphics

Program with bleed & asymmetrical fold.
Description: Program created in Illustrator using placed photography. Gradient panels are created and use layer styles to enhance photography and create interesting graphic effects. Text is applied.

Magazine Ad
Description: Created placing 3 .jpg graphics into illustrator and applying appropriate designed type. Background color is set to show consistency throughout entire design.

Magazine Layout
Description. Created using a grid and applying 3 .jpg images. Pink panel applied to gun with layer style in illustrator. To create unity of feminine look throughout layout.

I even have a current client that sends me photos to enhance in illustrator with gradient panels and shapes and type for his dance music artwork.

Original Photo Left  ---  Enhanced Image Right

Enhanced by Illustrator.
Description: Client provided photography, which he requested, would be enhanced with shape, line text and gradient panels. Apply layer styles to create psychogenic and colorful graphics.