Typography, Color & Imagry Develop Branding

How are typography, color and imagery used to develop brand recognition?
Consistent use of typography, color and imagery is key to creating brand awareness. Many people know their product simply by the consistent color used. Our brains actually identify color quicker than they recognize imagery. Color also has many physiological aspects to it as well. Certain colors are not good to use with certain foods while other color choices may brand a product masculine or feminine.

Typography is an interesting ingredient in design that is often overlooked. Letterform has the power and can change the personality of the entire piece, as well as, readability will help the viewer quickly identify the specifics of a product. I always think if type can be manipulated in away to show or reinforce what it says it is always very powerful, but the rule of thumb is the text needs to be readable which means always check spelling an grammar.

Imagery many times is the identifying mark of the brand. A simple symbol or logo placed in a consistent location on the product assures the consumer that he has the correct product. Imagery could be as simple as a symbol or as elaborate as a photographed model. Consider Verizon wireless. They continually use the guy in the black glasses. Verizon has done an amazing job at making the geeky guy in the black glasses with the cell phone, “The Verizon Guy”.
See Verizon guy:

Many companies may try to snag a celebrity and use them as a brand as well. I specifically think of shoe companies and basketball players.


Imagery can also be used to distinguish the type of product. Food is often used to appeal to one appetite. An illustration my give quick visual instructions on how to open a product or even close it. They could even be warnings about harmful uses of the product.