Digital Illustration - Production

Prepare imagery for proofing and/or final out putting at a service bureau or other supplier.

While I worked as Art Director at bookmasters, Inc., it was my job to make sure all artwork was ready for print. In some cases it was digital and in others it was offset. Either way many of the books we produced were for Pearson. They contained many graphs and charts that I created in illustrator.

I also was contracted to make some corrections to some package designs.

Proofs and Adjustments for Print.
Description: Take existing design make changes to text. Create new heart icon. Adjust die cut mask. Apply to 8 designs.

I also have done some basic posters that have been printed

Poster Promotion Piece for ClickaCoupon.com
Description: Create a poster to promote the video department at clickacoupon.com. Poster needs to have the same look and feel as the existing posters. Poster needs to be created for offset printing.

A lot of the freelance work done for Jimmy D Robinson was printed through Disc Makers and using their templates in illustrator to meet their specs with bleed and folds

Illustrator Set for Production
Description: Set up files for DiskMakers Production. Photography is provided. Apply photography to disc layout template and use layer styles to add color to enhance image. Apply text.