Experimental Typography - Back Label

How can Packaging Designers utilize interesting and experimental typography within their packaging graphics while still conforming to industry standards?

Package designers must use “out-of-the-box” thinking to increase interest and push experimental typography with packaging design graphics. It is innovative and creative use of typography that makes a package stand out from the competitors visual noise. In analyzing the typography sites, I found this label for a bottle of wine. “Back Label”


I found the label to be completely different and something I had never seen before. It is so simple and inexpensive yet meets the criteria for the product. Using the distortion of the actual bottle and fluid was a very creative way to draw the consumer’s attention and move a basic san serif font to look more dynamic. Even better, they negative space the text created in reverse on the back label adds to the great design. In this design I think the designer could have even taken it a step further and done the same type application to the type of wine “chardonnay”. Overall, the big picture is very simple typography used in a creative way to create a very unique look for this product.