Applying Styled Text

I found an image of Kat Von D. I thought I would add here name as a tattoo. I created a text layer with the font “Hurricane”. I rotated the font and got the sizing pretty close to run from her shoulder to her armpit. I then used the “DAMP” method to remove some hairs and clean up the skin. I then converted the text layer to shape and went to Edit>Transform>Warp and adjusted the shape of the text to fit the space. I then changed the layer style to overlay. I then adjusted the color by selecting the color from another tattoo and applied it to the text shape. Then I created a path with the pen tool around the figure and made a selection. Duplicated the main image and dropped saturation in the background and increased the brightness.

1. Found image of Kat Von D.
2. Chose Font Hurricane.
3. Located place for Text “tattoo”
4. Applied the DAMP Method to remove hair.
5. Rotated font
6. Converted layer to shape.
7. EDIT> TRANSFORM>WARP image to fit.
8. Apply layer style Overlay
9. Match color from other tattoos
10. Used the pen tool to create outline of figure and make selection
11. Duplicated main image.
12. Applied mask to background to adjust saturation and brightness.
13. Save

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