Thumbnails, Thumbnails, Thumbnails...

In your opinion, what are the reasons and the values behind the process of Thumbnailing ideas in large quantities?

The use of thumbnails is a great way to think through different concepts for an ideal solution to a design problem. Many times the “perfect concept” considered in the beginning can be taken further, trumped, or even redirected altogether by using thumbnails as a tool to evaluate the best direction. Thumbnails are also great time savers. Instead of pouring hours and hours into a design, seeing a few thumbnails may take the project in a different direction. Even showing a client a few thumbnail sketches can help the client see what your thinking and possibly redirect or add to the concept with out loosing large amounts of time invested to the project already.

My favorite way to utilize thumbnails is in a group/team brainstorm setting. It’s amazing what a group of creative people can come up with when they are all focusing and utilizing each other’s strengths and weaknesses.

As far as the quantity of thumbnails, I think it’s great. Most cases I have had seem to require a few more thumbnail sketches than I would personally choose to experiment with. I personally shoot for about 5-7 for personal clients. When doing larger quantity of thumbnails I tend to do more research, as I need more concepts and material. The only downside to being force into more creative concept development is, with more great ideas it is more difficult to decided on a direction.

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