Steps In The Creative Process

How many steps are in the creative and conceptual process?

I always have a hard time agreeing with statements that say, “ this is how it’s done every time”. I do agree that, “sometimes” there are four steps in a creative and conceptual process, but sometimes there are also five or even nine. Sometimes the process is going back and repeating a few steps a few times. I think of how sometimes I think of a great concept right off the bat. Even after a little research and exploring other possibilities I come back to the initial idea, execute it and it is great. I think of other times, however, I really struggle with finding a creative idea. I prepare, I think about it, I may even have and “Aha!” moment, but I find myself going back to the beginning and doing more research. This is especially true when working on logos. A great article on thedesigncubicle.com, talks about the 11 steps taken in a successful logo design process. A few more steps than four…

So I conclude, sometimes there are four steps possibly;
Research, Incubation, Illumination and Implementation. But other times the best creative solution is not achieved so simply, and more steps are necessary to achieve an ideal solution.

Graphic Design School 3rd edition pages148,149, Module 4

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